Battle of apache pass history

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battle of apache pass history

Apache Pass by Bruce G. Bennett

The new Gabriel Torrent story is full of wild-west action. Apaches are on the run pursued by the U.S. Cavalry. A new threat to the railroad comes in the form of deadly dark figures in the night. Could this be Indians getting revenge or are the perpetrators more insidious? Torrent finds a new love but may lose her again in the dark chasms of the new territories. He finally confronts his father and uncovers shadowy intrigue to Solomon Torrent’s empire coming from below the border. Don’t blink because the action is constant in this new western you’ll love to read over and over.
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Arizona: Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Here, in February , even before the fort was established, Lieutenant George Bascom faced Cochise in a dramatic confrontation that touched off a quarter-century of bloody hostilities between the Chiricahua and white invaders, and a personal ten-year war between Cochise and the U. This event is now known as the Bascom Affair. General James H. Carleton, leading a Federal army eastward in to head off the Confederate invasion of New Mexico , fought for two days, July 15th and 16th, in a battle with the Apache for control of the nearby Apache Spring. This battle occurred when an advance guard of 96 California volunteers, marching toward the San Simon River along the old Butterfield Road through Apache Pass. As they approached the abandoned stage station, Cochise and his ally, Mangas Coloradas , with a combined force of about warriors, ambushed the rear of the column.

Originally named by the Spanish as the Pass of Chance, the Apache Pass was a pass of death due to the violent warfare that occurred in the region for the duration of the Apache Wars. To protect soldiers and settlers traveling through the pass and to better execute the military operations against the Apache warriors, the US Army established a fort that would become the guardian of Apache Pass. Today, Fort Bowie National Historic Site commemorates the bravery and endurance of the US soldiers in their struggle to control the region and of the Apache warriors who fought to preserve their existence. The Bascom Affair began when a band of American Indians raided the ranch of John Ward and kidnapped the son of a Mexican woman who lived at the farm. The army responded to the complaint by sending Lt. George Bascom and his troops to Apache Pass, where they lured Cochise and threatened to hold him captive until the Chiricahua returned the boy and the stolen property.

The Battle of Apache Pass was fought in at Apache Pass, Arizona, in the United States, . Battles involving the Apache · Battles involving the United States · Battles of the American Civil War in Arizona · History of Cochise County.
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We hung up and I drove on, squinting in the sun, trying to find the brown road sign denoting a historic site. There it is. I knew that there was nothing but undulating dirt road ahead, with some dips down into arroyos. Most of them were likely dry but after an unusually wet monsoon season in southern Arizona, some of them might be running. I was not driving a truck or an SUV; there would be no cell service.

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