Star trek relics full episode

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star trek relics full episode

Relics by Michael Jan Friedman

The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the wreckage of a starship upon the monstrous surface of a Dyson sphere, an artificially-constructed habitat built around a star; and preserved in a weak transporter pattern is Starfleet engineering legend Montgomery Scotty Scott. Mr. Scott boards the Enterprise to find himself lost in a world that he barely recognizes, a world that has passed him by. But soon the Enterprise finds itself trapped within the Dyson sphere and pulled into the star, and Scotty must work with Lt. Geordi La Forge to rescue the Enterprise.
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Star Trek TNG - Relics (1992) in two minutes

"Man Of The People"/"Relics" / "Man Of The People"/"Relics"

A new crew boards a revamped USS Enterprise in the first spin-off from the '60s cult classic. Set some 70 years after the Capt. Kirk era, the syndicated sequel follows the seven-year trek of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his colorful subordinates including a Klingon! Picard more… A new crew boards a revamped USS Enterprise in the first spin-off from the '60s cult classic.

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There's nothing inherently wrong with Troi. Again, it's consequences, and Troi's presence is a sign of the show's commitment to thinking things through. It's just, that commitment seems to stop when the writers run into gender roles. By this point in the show, nearly the entire ensemble has been fleshed out and developed to more than stock roles, but Troi remains "The Girl," occasionally effective, all too often forced to behave like a cast-off from a '70s sitcom. Really, "Man of the People" isn't the worst treatment she's had on the series.

Every once in a while, the Trek franchise will stop for a moment and indulge its inner fan for a Very Special Episode that reflects upon its mythos. The most obvious way of doing this is to bring aboard TOS characters — something it did in the pilot episode McCoy , season five's " Unification " Spock , and would later do in Generations Kirk and even Star Trek Spock again, in the rebooted alternate timeline. There seems to be an aura of legitimacy that bringing TOS forward into the future seems to bestow upon the latter-day mythos. It's a uniquely fascinating construction: Some of the actors were still playing the parts off and on even when this aired in , but the time frame between TOS and TNG made the fictional TOS characters a piece of decades-old history. In "Relics," we get Scotty, who is found having been suspended in a jerry-rigged transporter beam on a downed vessel for the past 75 years. In that time he hasn't aged a day. His ship crashed on the surface of a mythical Dyson Sphere — a massive sphere constructed by an ancient society around a star.

Captain Picard is coming back. Patrick Stewart has returned to his iconic role for an upcoming Star Trek series. It's no wonder he is revisiting the role. The esteemed actor seems to have enjoyed his time crafting the sci-fi classic. At least, that the vibe we get from these behind-the-scenes pictures from production. Oh, how we wish we could have been there!

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