Nacto transit street design guide

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nacto transit street design guide

Transit Street Design Guide by National Association of City Transportation Officials

Transit and cities grow together. As cities work to become more compact, sustainable, and healthy, their work is paying dividends: in 2014, Americans took 10.8 billion trips on public transit, the highest since the dawn of the highway era. But most of these trips are on streets that were designed to move private cars, with transit as an afterthought. The NACTO Transit Street Design Guide places transit where it belongs, at the heart of street design. The guide shows how streets of every size can be redesigned to create great transit streets, supporting great neighborhoods and downtowns.
The Transit Street Design Guide is a well-illustrated, detailed introduction to designing streets for high-quality transit, from local buses to BRT, from streetcars to light rail. Drawing on the expertise of a peer network and case studies from across North America, the guide provides a much-needed link between transit planning, transportation engineering, and street design. The Transit Street Design Guide presents a new set of core principles, street typologies, and design strategies that shift the paradigm for streets, from merely accommodating service to actively prioritizing great transit. The book expands on the transit information in the acclaimed Urban Street Design Guide, with sections on comprehensive transit street design, lane design and materials, stations and stops, intersection strategies, and city transit networks. It also details performance measures and outlines how to make the case for great transit street design in cities.
The guide is built on simple math: allocating scarce space to transit instead of private automobiles greatly expands the number of people a street can move. Street design and decisions made by cities, from how to time signals to where bus stops are placed, can dramatically change how transit works and how people use it.
The Transit Street Design Guide is a vital resource for every transportation planner, transit operations planner, and city traffic engineer working on making streets that move more people more efficiently and affordably.
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NACTO's Urban Street Design Guide

Webinar: NACTO Transit Street Design Guide

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Founded in , NACTO's mission is a commitment to "raising the state of the practice for street design and transportation by building a common vision, sharing data, peer-to-peer exchange in workshops and conferences, and regular communication among member cities. Past campaigns have focused on bicycling, bus rapid transit , light rail , bike share , and freight. Its design guides have gained the endorsement of numerous cities, states, and other organizations, in addition to gaining FHWA acceptance for use in conjunction with other mandated guidance and resources. The initiative works with government officials to improve street design in urban environments. One facet of this Initiative is the Urban Bikeway Design Guide, whose purpose is provide cities with state-of-the-practice solutions that can help create complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for bicyclists. Since , NACTO has held an annual Designing Cities Conference, convening hundreds of "transportation leaders and practitioners from across the country to discuss key trends in urban street design and transportation policy.

My Cart. Skip breadcrumb navigation. Print page Email page. Getting streets to work for transit is indispensable to the urban future. The Transit Street Design Guide sets a new vision for how cities can harness the immense potential of transit to create active and efficient streets, in neighborhoods and downtowns alike.

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  1. The Transit Street Design Guide provides design guidance for the peer network of NACTO members and transit agency partners, the Guide provides street.

  2. Transit streets are designed to move people, and should be evaluated in part by their ability to do so.

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