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larry crabb new way ministries

The Pressures Off: Theres a New Way to Live by Larry Crabb

Too much psychologizing or mystifying of the great and mysterious yet rational and explainable relationship between man and God. Its not a NEW way, its Gods old way.

On p. 42, Crabb says we need one-on-one or small-group conversations where our lives are laid open in the presence of a person gifted to discern the workings of our inner life. Hunh? We need less talking to human beings and more talking to the one High Priest, Jesus Christ Himself. We need no human confessor. I totally disagree with that statement.

Finally, in chapter 6 he gets into Scripture, and it becomes clear, as I had suspected, that what he is calling the Old Way vs. the New Way is really living under grace instead of the Law. Nothing new about that. Not that its easy, mind you, and he makes good points in this chapter, but why act like its some new mysterious thing?

His language and writing style really make me distrust this book, even though I did end up agreeing with him except where noted above. He is correct that most Christians prefer the blessings of God rather than the presence of God, and that our real prayer should be to know Him better, not get better blessings. This is a crucial and non-trivial distinction, so Crabbs words need to be said.

Just wish he didnt sell it in such an off-putting way.
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What's Really In The Bible - Dr. Larry Crabb (3/3)

Larry Crabb. It doesn't take too much living before we realize that life never goes quite the way we want it to.
Larry Crabb

Larry Crabb

Lawrence J. Crabb was born in Evanston , Illinois , United States, in and was a student of psychology until he began studying abnormal psychology and personality theory. During graduate school he experienced a period of deep scepticism before being guided back to the faith by Francis Schaeffer and CS Lewis. His renewed spiritual passion convinced him that Christianity had a role to play in clinical psychology. He founded the Institute of Biblical Counseling in the earlys while on the faculty of Grace Theological Seminary —

Igniting a revolution in relationships, a new way to live that explores the real battle in our souls and frees us to value intimacy with God more than blessings from.
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April 24—May 1 Wed. June 14—21 Fri. September 9—16 Mon. The week begins with the pm evening meal the first day and ends at am the last day. The Cove has arranged a remarkably reasonable rate for us which includes lodging, meals and snacks. Please note that all lodging must be onsite with no exceptions.

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