Rex fast money system review

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rex fast money system review

Night of the Living Dead by John A. Russo

4.5 Stars

I was so excited to find this 1974 first edition copy of Night of the Living Dead by John Russo.....and for a decent price. Not the $1.25 it originally sold for of course.

The cover declares....The most frightening movie ever made is now a novel.....with sixteen pages of photographs....and OMGOSH it is so like The Walking Dead TV series.

As for the movie, I only vaguely remember it. The Preface here gives an interesting background story about the phenomenon bringing real startling shocks and gut-felt, edge-of-the-seat terror. It was produced for a mere $114k and grossed upwards of $4 to 5 million, one of the top-grossing films in both 1969 and 1970.

As for the novel, the setting is at dusk on a remote back road with a garbled message on the car radio....only one word is clear....emergency....then nothing as quarreling siblings, Johnny 26 and Barbara 19 are lost and anxious to find their fathers graveyard.

Shortly after they finally arrive, a devilish Johnny hides hoping to frighten his sister with creepy threatening remarks as Barbara (praying) first notices the strange moving figure in the distance. Still listening to Johnny, the pursuing footsteps become louder and more ominous. She looks up to say hello, assuming its the caretaker, and then, the scream....and it all begins....the feasting on human life.

I dont know why I love this goulish stuff, but fellow horror lovers will understand....hehehe. What a great old classic....and Oh No! ending.

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Rex Fast Money System Review

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