Guide to being a hipster

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guide to being a hipster

The Hipster Handbook by Robert Lanham

hip•ster - /hip-stur (s)/ n. One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term cool; a Hipster would instead say deck.) The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. A Hipster ideally possesses no more than 2% body fat.

Clues You Are a Hipster

1. You graduated from a liberal arts school whose football team hasnt won a game since the Reagan administration.

2. You frequently use the term postmodern (or its commonly used variationPoMo) as an adjective, noun, and verb.

3. You carry a shoulder-strap messenger bag and have at one time or another worn a pair of horn-rimmed or Elvis Costello-style glasses.

4. You have refined taste and consider yourself exceptionally cultured, but have one pop vice (ElimiDATE, Quiet Riot, and Entertainment Weekly are popular ones) that helps to define you as well-rounded.

5. You have kissed someone of the same gender and often bring this up in casual conversation.

6. You spend much of your leisure time in bars and restaurants with monosyllabic names like Plant, Bound, and Shine.

7. You bought your dishes and a checkered tablecloth at a thrift shop to be kitschy, and often throw vegetarian dinner parties.

8. You have one Republican friend whom you always describe as being your one Republican friend.

9. You enjoy complaining about gentrification even though you are responsible for it yourself.

10. Your hair looks best unwashed and you position your head on your pillow at night in a way that will really maximize your cowlicks.

11. You own records put out by Matador, DFA, Definitive Jux, Dischord, Warp, Thrill Jockey, Smells Like Records, and Drag City.
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What is hipster culture?
Robert Lanham

13 Easy Steps To Becoming A Hipster

To find out how to become a hipster, one must first understand what a hipster is. Hipsters, as defined by Urban Dictionary, are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. Go to a local thrift shop and look around. Not only is this economically friendly, but it is also a good way to save money. Throw the clothes in the washing machine at home and they will be perfectly clean, so no need to worry about the idea of wearing used clothes. The type of clothes you should be looking for are band T-shirts, big ugly sweaters, and baggy flannel that you can tie around your waist.

Show less Hipsters are people who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities considered outside of the social mainstream. If you're keen on pursuing the hipster lifestyle in which independent music labels, vintage clothes, and artisanal coffee feature prominently, the following suggestions will help you to discover myriad ways to embrace it fully. To dress like a hipster, wear skinny jeans with ironic tops, like band t-shirts or shirts with pictures of animals on them. You can also dress in vintage clothing, like a lace dress or an old western-style button up. For your shoes, stick with combat boots, sneakers, cute flats, or anything that's unique and unusual looking.

2. Shop at Goodwill

We all have heard about hipsters. But what is a hipster exactly? They are somewhat mysterious, and strive to be even more mysterious, and want people to know about it. Maybe—but we can admire their effort in trying to make the world a more diverse and colorful place. We can admire their extensive and diverse taste in music, food, clothing, and Instagram posts!

Updated: August 9, References. Hipsters are known for their appreciation of individuality, creativity, and the arts. Some possess a cynical, pretentious attitude, while others are idealistic and innovative. If you want to act like the stereotypical hipster there are a few dressing tips to follow. You may also want to find new interests and develop a hipster philosophy of your own. To create this article, 27 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 24 references.

What is a hipster? The answer to the ubiquitous question asked of the Millennial generation. It could very well be YOU. A hipster is an individual—one that usually fits within a certain subculture. Which subculture?

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  1. 5 days ago If you're keen on pursuing the hipster lifestyle in which independent music labels, this is not a given, nor does it need to be a part of the hipster wardrobe. .. Tips . Keeping a nonchalant attitude about everything will help.

  2. To find out how to become a hipster, one must first understand what a hipster is. Hipsters, as defined by Urban Dictionary, are a subculture of.

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