Short stories on emotional intelligence

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short stories on emotional intelligence

Dysmorphia: 10 Short Stories by Deina Furth

In this collection of ten short stories, author Deina Furth examines the many potential manifestations of the word “dysmorphia.” Whether it’s through the eyes of a young man struggling with depression and anxiety, a trans man trying to find the means to transition, or a desperate woman struggling to accept her body, Deina strives to represent the “smoke and mirror” reality that millions of people face across the world daily. Each story is a slice-of-life narrative that explores the feelings of disconnectedness that accompany mental illness and desperation alike, and the result is an emotionally-wrought tale that will stay with the reader for a long time.

Crawl into the minds of these ten characters and experience the many faces of dysmorphia in all of their frightening, heartbreaking, and loving forms. A must read for those who seek contemporary fiction tackling the tough topics of mental illness, transgender issues and rights, gay and lesbian issues and rights, body image disorders, sexuality, and self-harm and suicide.

Warning: Stories contain sometimes graphic descriptions of violence and discuss sensitive issues. Please be advised that the stories may not be suitable for a young audience.
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Emotional Intelligence (a Short Film)

Real Stories

In honor of our fifth consecutive year of compiling this video list, the bright minds behind TalentSmart have narrowed down 's five most memorable displays of emotional intelligence EQ. Some are shining examples of EQ in action, while others illustrate how quickly trouble can find those who lack this critical skill. Mary's overwhelming reaction to her mother's emotional rendition reminds us how directly our mirror neurons mimic the emotional states of those around us, especially for children, who soak up their parents' emotions like sponges. Air travel can make you feel like you want to explode, but the rare individuals who do typically play some part in creating the situation that sends them over the edge. Such was the case for Yan Linkun, a mining company executive and Chinese government official who went ballistic after missing his second flight in two days.

Emotional intelligence is a person's ability to use knowledge about emotions to inform and guide behavior. This practical ability can help you can help you reach your goals and be more persuasive. In short, it allows emotion to work for you instead of against you. In , we saw a number of examples that demonstrated the value of emotional intelligence. Here are my eight favorites:. A year old employee's letter of complaint to the C.

One of my teachers said that every time she rides the subway, she takes a Meta-Moment to check in with herself and remember to be her best self. That helped me alot. Last month, me and my friend were doing a fundraiser for people in Oklahoma and we were talking about what to write on the flyer. We got in an argument, but I took a Meta-Moment and realized I needed to let her talk. She was quite low academically and resentful that she was different from the rest of the class. I found out, so we had a class meeting where we read the class Charter and talked about how we felt.


Stories about emotional intelligence are an incredibly important resource. Studies have demonstrated that individuals with a strong emotional intelligence develop their social abilities and connections in a healthier way. This makes them fruitful in all of their endeavors. However, instructing children in regards to complex and subjective issues like emotional intelligence requires more than defining concepts and giving advice. In this sense, literature has been providing fairy tales for centuries that help children analyze their behavior and society. The terms social intelligence and emotional intelligence both came into use among cognitive and psychological specialists just several decades ago. Without further ado, here are several examples of the best stories about emotional intelligence for children.

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  1. Below are stories which illustrate emotional intelligence in the context of the workplace and, more generally, in relationships. There are around Short story.

  2. The most famous of these is the "Trolley Dilemma". Assume a trolley is racing out of control down a track heading for five workers who are.

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