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wayne allyn root radio show

Wayne Allyn Root (Author of The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide)

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Published 16.12.2018

The Capitalist Evangelist, Wayne Allyn Root: The Power of Relentless

Wayne Allyn Root Raves

June 9, 4 min read. I received wonderful news Monday. Talkers magazine — the Bible of America's radio industry — named me to their Heavy Hundred list of the top talk radio hosts in the United States. I made my debut at No. And of course, No. Think of the numbers involved.

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Wayne Allyn Root: Why Trump needs a team of street fighters

Read more. Wayne kicks off the show discussing his new column where he is predicting a hug landslide in for President Trump. Then it turns to a hotbed issue in Wayne Manor as Wayne welcomes Zach Vorhies who left his job at Google to become a whistleblower to how they censor conservatives. Fredo Bru ha ha. Wayne opens the show with the absolute Bulls--t coming out of the DOJ in not prosecuting James Comey after the IG submitting a recommendation for prosecution. Also we hear from Bill O. It is Thursday which means Lee Elci does his thing for Wayne in the show's first hour and Lee Kicks off the show discussing what would be the payoff if we went to war with Iran?

Wayne Allyn Root is a conservative American author , radio host and conspiracy theorist. Root was the Vice Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party in the presidential election. In , he left the Libertarian Party and re-joined the Republican Party. Root was founder and chairman of Winning Edge International Inc. He produced Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Root had been a longtime Republican Party member and supporter who self-identified as a Libertarian Republican.

Trump realDonaldTrump August 21, It makes no sense! Maybe, in the sense that Saul was a Jewish kid from Tarsus — Root is an evangelical Christian, something he did not mention in his Fox column. Root, speaking Tuesday evening on his talk show on Newsmax, also a conservative news site, was a little more candid about where he was faith-wise. Who exactly is Wayne Allyn Root and why are he and Trump so fond of each other? Here are some answers.

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