Neighborhood 3 requisition of doom characters

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neighborhood 3 requisition of doom characters

The Nether by Jennifer Haley

Very nicely realized play about the ambiguities of life inside the internet, which Haley renames the nether to emphasize the demonic elements set free by divorcing physical and virtual experience. This is a hobby horse of mine, so she was preaching to the choir but her sermon winds up more nuanced and complicated than it probably would have been had I been in charge. The issues wont be a surprise to anyone whos thought about technology: virtual violence, pornography, the multi-leveled question of ethics and responsibility. But theres a nice theatrical conceit at the center, and some lyrically searching passages, especially near the conclusion. Id really like to see it staged.
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Published 16.12.2018

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

To purchase tickets visit www. Connor Johnston and Sydney Blaxill. Photo by Hunter Canning. Both plays explore the dangers and appeal of simulated reality. Neighborhood 3 is actually the older of the two, having debuted in at the Humana Festival. That explains why The Nether , in which a pedophile creates a virtual reality to act out his disturbing desires without hurting actual children, feels more sophisticated.

Connor Johnston is among the member cast in Jennifer Haley's Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom, directed by Joel Schumacher, at the.
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Theatre proves a most relevant medium for addressing issues about video game culture

Berenice Chicago. Parents have been noticing their children have become addicted to the latest video game, Neighborhood 3. The game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG where the goal is to kill zombies and escape a setting that looks like their own neighborhood. But as the line blurs between virtual and reality, both parents and players realize that fear has a life of its own. Four actors play a variety of characters on a faceless suburban street in a nameless town in this gripping, yet comic, horror story.

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