Songs that tell a story about your life

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songs that tell a story about your life

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Turns out there was method to daddy's madness, which "Sue" accepts in the end, though not to such a degree that he's willing to repeat the process with his own theoretical future kids. Kenny Rogers, "Coward Of The County" In his heyday, Kenny Rogers also intermittently donned a wise-country-storyteller persona, though his story-songs tend to be less wryly funny than Cash's, and more tragic. Like "Boy Named Sue," "Coward" follows a young man dealing with a bad paternal legacy—in this case, his father's prison-deathbed command to stay out of fights, 'cause "You don't have to fight to be a man. Too bad it takes the love of his life getting gang-raped to get him off his butt. Jawbreaker, "Chesterfield King" Viewed through the lens of all the lame emo that's followed it, Jawbreaker's "Chesterfield King" seems kind of quaint. But the song—a lone, bright gem amid all the sludge and glumness of the band's album Bivouac —is the prime example of Black Schwarzenbach's emerging literary bent, which the singer-guitarist would perfect on Jawbreaker's next two discs. With plainspoken yet vivid lucidity, Schwarzenbach opens the story in medias res, with himself and a female friend on the brink of romantic revelation.

Spinning a yarn becomes a whole lot simpler when unencumbered by traditional song structure. Writing a song that tells a story involves a different set of skills than just writing either a story or a song. Musicians like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, and also Nas and Biggie, have mastered the art of factoring in rhyme and meter and choruses on top of their narrative elements. Songs like theirs—and, it should be said, many songs penned by Reed—have the lyrical impact to snap listeners out of a passive aural stupor and pay attention to the words. The famously lo-fi folk songs of the Mountain Goats range from autobiographical elegiac tales to song cycles about organ harvesting on the moon. What they share is an ear for detail, pace, and melody that is raw in both lyricism and overall musicality. Stories pre-date all the ways we express them.

"Drunk Girl"

Have you ever heard a song that seemed like it was written about your life? Well, now is your chance you find out which song actually is your theme song! Life is going to happen as it will, I would rather let it shape its own course because I'm lucky.

Wednesday 14th February Sad pop songs don't have to be based in real tragedy. Even Tragedy by the Bee Gees is more craft than confession. But some chart hits speak the truth about the worst things life has to offer - heartbreak, trauma and bereavement - because they are drawn from harrowing real events. Ed Sheeran wrote Supermarket Flowers for his mum, because her mother - his grandmother - was ill in hospital while he was recording the album that would become Divide. Ed later explained that he wanted to write a song from her perspective, a song which would not only encapsulate how his mother would be feeling, but also reveal a lot about his own feelings for both women.

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