Knowing god and knowing about god

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knowing god and knowing about god

Knowing God Quotes by J.I. Packer

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Published 05.12.2018

What is Knowing God Dr Ray Hagins

In that one verse lies the difference between knowing about God and knowing God. “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear” means that.

Why You Need to Read ‘Knowing God’ by JI Packer

You know the story of Job. He loses everything except his life and his wife. Job ends up sitting in the dump, covered with sores, scratching himself with a broken piece of pottery. When the conversation begins Job declares his innocence before God, and that he has been treated unjustly. In chapters God speaks.

Here are a few reasons you should consider making this your next read:

It is one the most recommended books for Christians to read and it is worth adding one more recommendation for those who have not yet added this to their reading list. In this work, Packer takes God as his subject. For a mere creature to examine its creator is a daunting task he likens it to a clown yearning to play Hamlet. Even so, Packer provides a tremendous amount of insight into what it means for the believer to know God. Christians have been unduly influenced by modern ideas about God, which views Him as distant, small, and completely unknowable. The second trend is that Christians have become confused as a result of their dealings with modern skepticism.

I read today that by the world population will number over 8 billion. Then my thoughts turn towards the Creator, God, who individually formed each one of us. But those who get to know God intimately experience that He has a personal interest in them. They experience His presence both in the trials and triumphs of daily life. It includes mutual edification and a unity in purpose and spirit that goes far deeper than friendship or human relationships.

I guess God likes it that way. He wants the call on our lives to be one that leads us to lean on Him in desperate weakness, so He gives us a task that is impossible so that we stay weak and He gets to move through us. So instead, we reduce discipleship to something we feel like we can control. Instead of raising the bar and working through our insecurity and weakness, we lower it even further and minimize even those pieces of discipleship:. Some of us have reduced knowing God to knowing things about God. When it comes to God, you and I never primarily had a knowledge problem. According to Romans 1, we knew true things about God limited things, but still true things and we refused to honor and treasure those things.

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  1. Is it possible to know God personally? Knowing God means understanding His thoughts and ways and learning to think like Him! How can we do that?.

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