Wool pooh watsons go to birmingham

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wool pooh watsons go to birmingham

Why does the Wool Pooh have rectangular... — The Watsons... Q&A

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963: Ch. 5

In this way, the poem had a direct influence on the novel, even though the two texts present different information and use different literary elements to develop perspectives on these tragic events. Write an essay analyzing how Chapter 14 of the novel is inspired by the poem and how authors Dudley Randall and Christopher Paul Curtis develop their different perspectives. Be sure to include an analysis of how both use the assumption that the children will be safe in a church to create an extreme emotional reaction in readers.

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All rights reserved. As they leave the house, Grandma warns them not to go to Collier's Landing because a little boy got caught in a whirlpool there and drowned. Kenny wants to go to Collier's Landing anyway. Joey is nervous. She always follows the rules.

Provide an objective summary of a section of the novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham— Explain the literary concept of symbolism and identify symbols in The Watsons Go to Birmingham— Determine a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments. Tasks that represents the peak thinking of the lesson - mastery will indicate whether or not objective was achieved. What does the Wool Pooh symbolize for Kenny? Support your answer with two pieces of evidence from the text.

New York: Delacorte Press. What a wonderful family the Watsons are! Kenny's mother, Wilona, who comes from Alabama, is a confident planner and an expert budgeter; his playful and hard-working father, Daniel, is proud of the Ultra-Glide record player he buys for the "Brown Bomber," the family's Plymouth. Kenny's mischievous big brother, Byron, is so in love with his cool image that at one point his lips get painfully stuck to the frigid side-view mirror of the car when he kisses his reflection in it. Little Joetta, called Joey, wistfully complains that having to wear layer upon layer of clothes in the winter makes her the "laughing sock" of her kindergarten class. The first half of this novel is about the Watsons' life in cold, snowy Flint, Mich. Byron precipitates the trip to Alabama that gives the book its title by getting his hair "conked" straightened against his parents' wishes.

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The Wool Pooh is one of the most mysterious symbols in the book. Is it real? Is it imaginary?

Choose a major contemporary event that is relevant to your students e. Have them get into pairs and discuss what they felt or where they were during that time. Then talk about the way that Kenny and Byron each felt about racism before going to Birmingham and afterwards. How did it affect Kenny? How did it affect Byron? Did they learn anything from going to Birmingham?

Byron, Kenny, and Joey are heading to the lake for a swim. Grandma warns them not to go to Collier's Landing, because a little boy died in the whirlpool there. The children walk to the lake and see a sign pointing one way to a public beach and the other way to Collier's Landing. Kenny is eager to see Collier's Landing. He wants adventure.

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