Walking away c day lewis notes

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walking away c day lewis notes

Cecil Day-Lewis Quotes (Author of The Otterbury Incident)

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Walking Away by Cecil Day-Lewis

Walking Away - C. Day Lewis

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He also wrote mystery stories under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake. His father took the surname "Day-Lewis" as a combination of his own birth father's "Day" and adoptive father's "Lewis" surnames. After the death of his mother in , when he was two years old, Cecil was brought up in London by his father, with the help of an aunt, spending summer holidays with relatives in County Wexford.

Here, the speaker is a parent who thinks back upon the life of his child. He clearly wants to hold on to his child, to keep him young and under his wing, but he knows that it is a natural part of life for parents to let their young go. Just as the fledgling bird leaves the nest, so the young adult must move from childhood to adulthood, leaving the protection of his parents to venture out on his own and make his way in the world. This poem is relative to any who have experienced letting go of a child who has entered adulthood. The first stanza of this poem, which can be read in full here , reveals that the speaker is thinking back upon the past eighteen years of his life. He addresses his son in the second person, giving the poem an intimate feeling of the personal relationship between father and son.

This one, from a father to his son, is a twist on many, which focus on the feelings of a child towards their parent. He has a lyric style that is very similar to that of Heaney, which means the poems are interesting to compare, especially in use of rhyme and rhythm. The poem is split into four stanzas of five lines, with an ABACA rhyme scheme, which is sustained throughout the poem. Syllabic length varies from 9 syllables to 12 syllables. Like many other poems in the AQA collection, this one is a deeply personal first-person narrative that is directed at his son, putting the reader into the place of the son.

Writing a good essay isn't easy and it's the fruit of hard work. For help you can check essay writing expert. Check out, please DigitalEssay. For more poetry analyses, see Great poetry explained: an index to my blogs. The touch-lines new-ruled — since I watched you play. Only a few of the lines are end-stopped, which means that the sentences of the poem flow across the lines, and in one case between stanzas, so that the whole poem reads like a meditation with the poet thinking aloud and allowing his thoughts to take him where they will. Day-Lewis had been to a boarding school himself Sherborne School and therefore knew all about how the enforced separation of a boy from his parents affected the child, but on this occasion it is the feelings of the parent that also concern him.

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  1. But this answer leads only to another paradox, for his poetry was at its most vital in a period when he was least true to his natural inclinations.

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