Best new fiction podcasts 2018

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best new fiction podcasts 2018

Best Podcast Novels (54 books)

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Published 15.12.2018

Thomas' Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

What's the magic ingredient of a really great podcast, the thing that makes people tune in time after time? It's simple in theory: Have a really good story. But how?
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50 Best Audio Fiction Podcasts of 2018

Listen Later API. Comedy Fiction Drama Science Fiction. Dining in the Void. When six alien celebrities are trapped onboard a space station, they will have to work together to survive--or die at the hands of an unknown monster. For full credits and to check out transcripts for each episode,

Tales from the Underground is a new fiction podcast for the Evening Standard, made up of short stories based on the Underground lines. Each week, a different author has created a new original short story and you can read an extract and listen to the full story. Her ode to the underground was based on the Piccadilly Line. Listen in on Acast. Welcome to Night Vale was one of the original fiction podcasts.

Fiction is an excellent teacher. There's nothing like losing yourself in a great story , only to come out with exciting new knowledge and a broader.
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2. Harlem Queen

Sorry that this was published twice, I had too many player embeds that it cause the page to crash when viewing this list on mobile, so I switched them to photos. Now, before we can get to the actual list, we have to go over a few things first:. A story told from two different perspectives and from different starting points. The sound design and the voice acting is phenomenal. They follow you and spread like a particularly infectious disease.

This thriller from award-winning author Naomi Alderman puts the listener front and center, dropping you into the role of hero as soon as you pop your earbuds in. The immersive story begins with an EMP attack that sends Walker, the protagonist and role that the listener takes on, on a dangerous journey across Scotland, attempting to make a critical delivery while running from both the police and a mysterious organization known simply as The Burn. With all the philosophical weight of Star Trek and a snarky sense of humor, Wolf is a must-listen for sci-fi fans. What begins as the lighthearted recordings of Douglas Eiffel, a desperately bored and perpetually sarcastic communications officer aboard a secluded space station, ultimately transforms into a compelling audio drama bursting with riveting character development that includes a compelling AI storyline that will tug at your heartstrings. But as a larger story begins to unfold, Eiffel and his crewmates find themselves in the middle of a tangled conspiracy that will unearth their past mistakes, test their resolve, and bind their lives together forever whether they like it or not.

I've always wanted to be an "audiobook" kind of person. There is something so appealing, so capable, about taking in a literary experience while doing the dishes, folding laundry, taking a walk. But alas, my brain is not wired to lap up every single word I hear read aloud — especially if it was initially written for the page, filled with beautiful descriptions and phrases that may not necessarily drip off the tongue. Good news? We're living in a golden age of audio, my dudes, and these fiction podcasts take storytelling to a new level — and perfectly marry radio with fiction.

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