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our little secret curry sauce

The Curry Secret by Kris Dhillion

This is one of those books that you might overlook in a bookstore in favour of more colourful, larger, illustrated tomes on the same subject. Yet that could a very costly mistake indeed.

The Curry Secret sets out, modestly, with the aim of showing the reader how to cook real Indian restaurant meals at home - and in its modest 128 pages one can conclude that it does exactly that.

The author drops you straight in at the start with a concise lesson about the different key spices and herbs used within Indian cookery before promptly letting you loose in the kitchen. Each page is concisely written without colourful aspirational pictures to get in the way, leaving you to focus on the to-the-point instructions and the dish at hand.

Tips about how the various food dishes combine together in a busy restaurant are given that will allow even the busy home cook plan their Indian meals ahead, such as by part preparing standard components and freezing a bulk lot and using the same sauce as a base for later configuration.

Whilst reading the book you feel that the information just flies by and can often be left wondering is that it? when you are confronted with just how relatively easy it can be to produce such food. Of course, many dishes are not a five minute preparation and cook process, but with careful planning and consideration you could have a restaurant quality dish at home in less time than it may take to go out to a takeaway restaurant and return home.

It is strange yet not many text-only books in the cooking world are capable of being inspirational but The Curry Secret manages to reach that target and deliver more besides. Whilst you will not be a restauranteur overnight, by careful reading of this book you will become a much more versatile cook of Indian food and a more confident customer when dining out at an Indian restaurant with a wish to try something than the usual.

The Curry Secret: How to Cook Real Indian Restaurant Meals at Home, written by Kris Dhillon and published by Right Way. ISBN 978-0-7160-2191-9, 128 pages. Typical price: GBP6.

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Published 14.12.2018

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Our Little Secret, or OLS as we call, is unique and quirky high quality international convenience food.
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It was the billboard that did it. Beside a supermarket in leafy Dublin 6 there stood an advertisement for what appeared to be a satanic cult. Monks in hooded blood-red robes surrounded a mysterious leader. Had the world gone mad? How could these sinister figures be so blatant? But what is this curry sauce of which it is so proud?

My sauces need to be kept chilled, they will be delivered to you in a polystyrene box with ice packs to keep cool, they are picked up from us by the courier 3pm and delivered to you the next day. Hope you enjoy them! All sauces are suitable for vegetarians. A rich creamy, coconut based sauce that is sweetened with puured pineapple and peaches and a little sugar. This sauce is rich in tomato, delivering a fantastic depth of flavour allowing the natural taste of the spices to shine through. Rogan Josh Curry Sauce Again a tomato based sauce, made with lots of fresh ginger, onion and garlic, we add a hint of chilli making it a medium based sauce. A Rogan Josh coupled together with a Korma for the kids , is a fantastic combination for all the family.

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  1. T he most thrilling moment in the study of any subject comes when you realise that what seems an impossibly complicated discipline is in fact underpinned by a few simple principles.

  2. Branded ‘sauces’ offer convenience, but are often loaded with sugar and poor value for money

  3. Smooth and intense, it makes a great curry base, or add to fish or chicken stews with peppers and courgettes for a light, spicy dish.

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