Rhetorical questions in famous speeches

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rhetorical questions in famous speeches

Rhetoric Quotes (280 quotes)

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Published 14.12.2018

American History: The Greatest Speeches (1933-2008)

A rhetorical question is a question that you don't expect an answer to. Enjoy these rhetorical Here are some rhetorical question examples in famous speeches.

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A rhetorical question is a common rhetorical device where a question is asked by a speaker, but no answer is expected from the audience. This distinguishes it from explicit verbal audience interaction where a speaker asks a question, and then waits for a response or calls on someone to answer it. You are certainly aware of this technique, but are you aware that you can use a rhetorical question in at least nine different ways? Read on! Like other speech techniques, rhetorical questions can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the speaker and the speech. It is rarely necessary to ask a rhetorical question; there is nearly always another way to convey the same idea without using a question.

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in which a question is asked for a reason other than to get an answer—most commonly, it's asked to make a persuasive point. For example, if a person asks, "How many times do I have to tell you not to eat my dessert? Rather, the speaker's goal is to emphasize his or her growing frustration and—ideally—change the dessert-thief's behavior. Here's how to pronounce rhetorical question: reh- tor -ih-kuhl kwes -chun. A question is rhetorical if and only if its goal is to produce an effect on the listener, rather than to obtain information. In other words, a rhetorical question is not what we might call a "true" question in search of an answer.

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Rhetorical questions can be used as an effective communication tool during a speech. These questions provide you with a way of controlling the speech and thoughts of the audience. They are especially useful in engaging the audience and persuading them to agree with you. In this article we discuss how to use rhetorical questions in a speech or presentation. A rhetorical question can be "an effective persuasive device, subtly influencing the kind of response one wants to get from an audience" - Edward P.

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