I ll be in my studio

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i ll be in my studio

Id Rather Be in the Studio!: The Artists No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion by Alyson B. Stanfield

Id Rather Be in the Studio! The Artists No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion offers practical approaches that help you sell more art and build an art career that lasts. Alyson B. Stanfield, the art-marketing guru behind ArtBizCoach.com, shares self-promotion tools that have enhanced the careers of thousands of artists. Youll learn how to: (1) Introduce yourself as an artist so people want to know more; (2) Nail your artist statement to discover the right words for all of your marketing messages; (3) Expand your mailing list and use it to cultivate collectors; (4) Create marketing materials that outshine the competition; (5) Become a media magnet so buyers come to you; (6) Take advantage of your Web site and blog to build a bigger audience; and much more. It would be great if there were a precise formula for getting your art into galleries, museums and private collections. But every artists path is different. Thats why Id Rather Be in the Studio! provides easy-to-follow self-promotion practices that help you find your way at any point in your career. Match Internet marketing strategies with sincere personal skills to take charge of your career.
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I'll Be In My Studio

Because of course, NY is teeming with creatives, undiscovered visionaries, and megalithic icons, we found ourselves acquainted with the one and only Marcel Dzama. James, Stumptown wunderkind who does everything from manage East Coast operations to run his own record label, connected us.
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You might start out doing levels, then switch to panning and then think about some distortion tips you want to try. Balancing the volume of your tracks is the fundamental starting point for every mix. You need to keep the elements in the mix at a steady and balanced level, without abnormal level changes popping out all over the place. Rebalancing is essential as you add compression, EQ, aux sends, and effects if you want to keep the balance you had before. As long as you spend an extra 20 minutes on balancing at the start, you might save yourself some time down the line. Stereo is important. For instance, panning out the drum-kit is an important way to expand and establish the stereo spectrum.

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By Maria Russo. These are edited excerpts from our conversation. How long has this been your studio? Three and a half years. We were preparing to move to New York from Paris, and we had only 10 days to find an apartment to live in, with space for my studio.

So you want a killer home studio that can deliver great sounding tracks and not break the bank? I have good news for you my friend: you happen to be living in an incredible moment of history for anyone with a home studio setup. Guess what? There are only five things I think you truly need, and the good news is you probably already have one of them. More often than not you already own a computer that is capable of being the hub of your home recording studio. Let me make it easy for you.

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