Great courses nature of matter

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great courses nature of matter

The Twins by Tessa de Loo

A brilliantly-conceived plot. Lotte and Anna were born twins, in 1916, to German parents. Soon after, their mother dies, then their father. They were orphans at three. Relatives have to raise them. For some reasons, Anna remained in Germany with her grandfathers family; Lotte was brought up in the Netherlands with her uncle. World war two came upon them when they were young adults, one was German whose young husband, a German soldier, was killed in the war; the other was Dutch, who had sheltered Jews, and with the love of her life killed in a Nazi concentration camp. Seventy years later, the twins meet in a spa, both trying to get some relief from their age-induced ailments. Both are past 80 years old. They talk. Mostly of the past. Mostly about the war.

The enjoyment I had while reading this was modest. Ive been the company of a German Nazi officer who was everywhere during the second world war in Jonathan Littells The Kindly Ones and this concept of good Germans during the second world war is therefore no longer novel to me. I cant help but notice this, however: literature now abounds with those trying to picture the traditional bad guys during the last world war in a more sympathetic light (theyre doing this not only for the Germans but also for the Japanese and the Italians). First they get their materials from the civilians of the wrong countries and here there can possibly be no serious debate: innocence is everywhere and I do not believe in ascribing a collective guilt upon whole nations. Then they ease up to the common soldiers, and minor functionaries of the war machine, i.e., those who were simply there at the wrong place and at the wrong time, and who tried their best to act as human beings in the midst of atrocities. But after this, what? Is it possible that the time will come, a very long time, that even the likes of Hitler would be completely rehabilitated, like they were just some benign, tragic, misguided, well-meaning geniuses which history had long misunderstood?
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Matter Compilation: Crash Course Kids

The Joy of Science is a popular video and audio course series, consisting of 60 lectures, each 30 minutes long, presented by Dr.
Tessa de Loo

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Einstein once said it was important to keep asking the questions we eventually teach children not to ask. Why is angular momentum quantized? You already know the answer. Electrons have wave-like properties, as de Broglie later proposed. They can exist only where they interfere constructively, and only certain orbits meet proper conditions, as we shall see in the next module. The wave-like properties of matter were subsequently confirmed by observations of electron interference when scattered from crystals. Electrons can exist only in locations where they interfere constructively.

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Cancel anytime. Chemistry and Our Universe: How It All Works is your in-depth introduction to this vital field, taught through 60 engaging half-hour lectures that are suitable for any background or none at all. Your guide is Professor Ron B. Davis, Jr. Nothing has had a more profound impact on the development of modern civilization than thermodynamics.

Biology and chemistry rule our entire world, from the air we breathe to the clothing we wear. Discover the science of life and share the joy of humanity's greatest ongoing adventure of discovery and exploration with this series of courses providing a deep-dive into the ever-changing worlds of biology and chemistry. Make sense of these thrilling branches of science with two fundamental courses that will strengthen your understanding of how living things work. Biology: The Science of Life Get the complete background and professional guidance to explore in depth the fundamental principles of how living things work taught by an award-winning professor at Duke University who has specially adapted his acclaimed introductory biology course. An award-winning professor covers it all—from the periodic table to pH to poisons to plate tectonics.

Today we're featuring 70 free video lectures from The Great Courses! When we started LearnOutLoud. Founded in by Tom Rollins, The Teaching Company records courses from top professors around the United States in a broad array of university-level disciplines. If you're a longtime fan of the Teaching Company you might recall Bach's Brandenburg Concerto that started each lecture and Tom Rollins giving this quote at the start of each course: "By listening for less than an hour a day you can finish even the longest course in just weeks! These courses were developed for adult lifelong learners, and back in the early s when we started listening to them, they were available on audio cassettes, CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs from their website or the local library. They've also made their courses available on audio download through Audible. Although they've re-branded and updated their service with the latest technology, The Great Courses still maintain the highest standards for their professors and production quality.

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