A la claire fontaine translation

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a la claire fontaine translation

365 Jours Zen by Claire Fontaine

A laide dun texte par jour, chaque jour de lannee, ce livre vous permettra daccueillir la sagesse, linspiration et lhumour du Zen. Paroles celebres, poemes et koans aideront les enthousiastes du Zen a mediter, et offriront aux lecteurs de possibles moments de reflexion. Extraits de textes traditionnels, ces ecrits concis et profonds ont pour auteurs danciens Maitres comme Houei Neng, MaTsu, Houang Po, Lin Chi, Dogen, Muso, Sosan..., des Maitres du Zen contemporains tels que D.T. Suzuki, Dainin Katagiri, Shunryu Suzuki, Seung Sahn, Thich Nhat Hanh. Ils eclairent les notions de zazen, de non-attachement, de karma, de vide et dillumination. A travers les siecles, pour permettre de realiser lUnite avec toutes choses, chacun de ces Maitres nous encourage sur le sentier de leffacement du soi, nous guidant ainsi vers la paix du coeur, la liberte de lesprit, lUltime Verite.
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À la claire fontaine (English translation)

Language: French Instruments: A cappella. Those three songs are also the first tunes many children learn to play on a keyboard. French text. English translation. At the clear fountain, while going for a walk I found the water so beautiful that I bathed in it.

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It was played at the very end of The Painted Veil , the new movie adaptation of W. I hadn't done any translations in a while, so here is the translation of the song. The YouTube video clip of the song in the movie is here. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google.

A la claire fontaine

À LA CLAIRE FONTAINE - Comptines Chansons pour enfants French children's songs Translated in English

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The song may have appeared as early as when the first permanent French settlement was established in the maritimes. As with all traditional songs, numerous versions of both music and lyrics can be found, and versions known in France vary from those known in Canada. The melody is pentatonic , and uses only four notes of the scale. The verse employs an alternating 7- and 6- syllable metre , with the refrain adding an extra syllable to each line. Like another famous children's song, " Au clair de la lune ", it has an adult theme - in this case, one of lost love. The song speaks of a lover bathing in a fountain, hearing a nightingale singing, and thinking about her long lost lover whom she lost after failing to give her rosebud. The nightingale's heart laughs but hers weeps.


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