Is it painful to drown

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is it painful to drown

Into This River I Drown by T.J. Klune

2014 Lambda Literary Award Winner for Best Gay Romance

Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, who drowned when his truck crashed into a river. All called it an accident, but Benji thought it more. However, even years later, he is buried deep in his grief, throwing himself into taking over Big Eddies convenience store in the small town of Roseland, Oregon. Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day by day, struggling to keep his head above water.

But Roseland is no ordinary place.

With ever-increasing dreams of his fathers death and waking visions of feathers on the surface of a river, Benjis definition of reality is starting to bend. He thinks himself haunted, but whether by ghosts or memories, he can no longer tell. Its not until the impossible happens and a man falls from the sky and leaves the burning imprint of wings on the ground that he begins to understand that the world around him is more mysterious than he could have possibly imagined. Its also more dangerous, as forces beyond anyones control are descending on Roseland, revealing long hidden truths about friends, family, and the man named Calliel who Benji is finding he can no longer live without.
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What drowning feels like.

Scientifically, What Is the Worst Way to Die?

What does it feel like to drown? This list consists of stories from people who almost drowned, describing what their moments underwater felt like. The average person can hold their breath for 30 to 60 seconds , and once you run out of breath under water, your chances are slim. Reports about what it feels like to breathe in water are varied. But once you get water in your lungs, your chances of being able to save yourself and make it to the surface sink. This list consists of stories from the lucky people who were rescued before oxygen deprivation shut their systems down. Some of these stories are pretty grisly.

Our impending death is the one thing that unites all of humanity. Drowning appears to be somewhere in between those two. Drowning kills you by depriving your body of oxygen for a long period. Credit: Life Noggin. Although most movie drowning victims make a lot of splash and noise, apparently that is overacting — drowning is more like a Kurt Russell death from the Poseidon Adventure , if you cut out the volts of electricity flashing through his body, or Piper Perabo in the Prestige. Hyperventilating from panic will make you breathe water and will cause a laryngospasm , a vocal cord spasm that will make it even harder to call for help because it blocks your airway to protect your lungs.

Drowning is defined as respiratory impairment as a result of being in or under a liquid. Drowning is more common when the weather is warm and among those with frequent access to water.
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It happened in the pool at the condominium complex where I used to live, on the day we traditionally think of as the start of summer, Memorial Day. Everywhere there was a pool people gathered to try to get out of the heat. One of those people, a ten-year-old girl, was visiting a pool where relatives lived. She was one of seventy or eighty people who crowded into a small pool protected by a single lifeguard. There was no clear explanation of how it happened.

E VERY one has tried the experiment of "holding the breath," and has found that after the lapse of a minute, or a minute and a half at the farthest, there supervenes a most peculiar and intolerable kind of anguish. Nature then takes the management of the lungs out of our hands into hers, and we breathe in spite of ourselves. The distress felt at such times we think of when we read of a death by drowning or hanging; and, although it has been asserted over and over again that such a death is painless, hardly any one really believes it. And yet I think it can be shown not only that drowning and hanging are painless modes of death, but why they are so. When a person, who cannot swim, falls into deep water, he is seized with a sudden and tremendous fright. The exceptions to this rule are too few to be worth noticing. This fright, of itself, kills some persons, and they go to the bottom like a plummet.

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