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a walk to remember landon

A Walk to Remember Quotes by Nicholas Sparks

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A Walk To Remember - Landon Confesses His Feelings

In the movie, he was the son of Dr. Carter and Cynthia Carter but in the novel, his father's name was Worth Carter, who was a congressman and his mother's name was not mentioned. Since nobody else seems to be available, Landon reluctantly asks Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of.

A Walk to Remember

Mandy Moore was nervous of meeting Nicholas Sparks because the story is based on his sister's life. Previously, her only acting experience was as a supporting character in The Princess Diaries. Because she was so new to acting, Shane West, who plays Landon Carter, sat her down and offered her some advice about breaking into the industry. He advised her to say no to some opportunities to avoid overworking herself. Moore said that the thing she struggled with the most on set was standing in the right place for the camera.

Landon Carter , the protagonist of A Walk To Remember , comes of age in this novel, progressing from a self-posessive teenager who watches life from the sidelines often making fun of anyone he views as different to a self-assured young man who places his focus on the welfare of others. He is the son of a rich family, the narrator of the novel, and the husband of Jamie. In the movie, he was the son of Dr. Landon lives in the small, religious town of Beaufort, North Carolina. His father is a cardiologist In the movie. In the book his father works in the political field.

A Walk to Remember is a American coming-of-age romantic tragedy film directed by Choosing the latter, Landon is further acquainted with Jamie Sullivan, the local minister's daughter. He never befriended her due to the status quo at.
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Landon is a total jerk

Landon is one of the most popular guys at school, the kind of guy who everyone wants to be. And even though he cuts about half of his classes, he still has a B average. He likes being outside because he says the air in his town always smells of pine and sea. Relationship Status He never noticed her before; she is so quiet and studious. He has never been in love before, and now he knows what he has been missing out on. As he says, "I find myself holding Jamie close to me with my eyes closed, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect, and knowing at the same time that it hadn't.

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  2. A Walk to Remember is a American coming-of-age romantic tragedy film directed by Adam Shankman and written by Karen Janszen, based on Nicholas Sparks ' novel of the same name.

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