List of ethiopian country singers

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list of ethiopian country singers

Books Set in Ethiopia (116 books)

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The Best Of Éthiopiques, Ethio-Jazz, Blues, Tezeta (Ethiopia) mix by DJ Ras Sjamaan

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This is, after all, the home of the biggest star in Ethiopian musical history: Teddy Afro. He greets me in the living room, padding around in a tracksuit and socks. He and his manager are in high spirits. Ethiopia has long had a remarkably unified pop music culture — a national canon heard on buses and in bars across the country — but even in this context, Teddy stands out. He is the only artist of his generation to have risen to the level of Mahmoud Ahmed and Aster Aweke, the two greats of post Ethiopian pop, but at home at least he has comfortably outrun them both. Moreover, his significance reaches well beyond national borders: his popularity among the 2-million-strong Ethiopian diaspora, especially in the US, is unparalleled. But he is also a controversial figure.

By Francis Falceto. Explore the land of wax and gold, a country full of fascinating music, in this complete guide by Francis Falceto. Gigi photo: Jak Kilby. An ancient mountain kingdom, it has expanded considerably in the last two hundred years, but it remains Christian at its Amharic heart the Amhara are the dominant language group, powerful in trade and government. With the new millennium, the ancient land of Ethiopia could just be in line for rehabilitation.

Ethiopian music has come a long way from its original traditions of being strictly associated with the Tewadeho Orthodox Church. Scroll down for new Ethiopian music download mp3 Amharic music began to take hold during its "Golden Ages" which came during the 's and 's when a plethora of talented singers and musicians flooded the Ethiopian musical scene. It was an era when artists had the freedom to explore their talents and express themselves through their music. This soon changed when the revolutionary Derg government took power and forced many of these bright stars to flee the country and migrate to primarily Western countries. Considered only to be a slight speed bump in the evolution and growth of Amharic music, the artists continued to produce and perform their music in their adopted countries, to the delight of their eager audiences.


Let's compare two snapshots of recent Ethiopian history. The first is from , when Emperor Haile Selassie I ruled over the proudest and most eccentric nation in Africa, with its Christian Coptic church that was already well established when the British still worshipped pagan gods , its feudal menagerie of princes, barons and serfs, its vast and verdant central plateau, and its pulsating capital city Addis Ababa, which was then one of the pre-eminent cultural, social and diplomatic hot-spots of independent Africa. At this time, down in the Wube Bereha, the red-light district of central Addis, royalty rubbed its haughty shoulders with generals and gigolos, bar-room philosophers and peace-corps workers, diplomats and prostitutes, in an intoxicatingly illicit celebration of youth and freedom. The old guard fumed against youthful decadence and the unwelcome "foreign" influences that seemed to be invading the nation's cerebral cortex. The old order was dying, and those who could either afford or blag their way into the party were dancing like tomorrow would never come.

Formal practice of music in Ethiopia is believed to be one of the oldest in Africa — in an interview with Afropop. And just as the history of Ethiopian music is extensive, its modern day adaptations are wide ranging and defies being siphoned into a single category. Ejigayehu Shibabaw, better known as Gigi , is a boundlessly talented vocalist. Her music, considered revolutionary in breaking away from contemporary Ethiopian music norms, is in-between soul stirring ode and meditative ambience. Gaining recognition at the international level in for her self-entitled studio album , Gigi quickly became a household name in Ethiopia. Songs on this album prevalently remain anthems of modern Ethiopian music to this day.

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