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bible training college oswald chambers

My Utmost for His Highest Journal by Oswald Chambers

My sister Luan gave my sister Dawn and me copies of this beautiful, leather-bound, gilt-edged book so we could read the daily devotionals and share our insights via email. I started later than they did and continued back to the beginning to catch the ones I had missed. I have just finished all 365 selections of about 500 words each. Scottish Oswald Chambers was a twentieth century Baptist preacher and after his death, his widow, who he affectionately called Biddy, transcribed and published books and articles edited from the notes she had taken in shorthand during the Bible College years and at Zeitoun. Most successful of the thirty books was this one, My Utmost for His Highest. I have very much enjoyed OCs use of metaphor, his insights, and call to base my spiritual life on Jesus Christ. My religious faith has been shaped and nurtured by a lifelong membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so part of the intrigue of these devotionals for me was becoming familiar with a different type of religious jargon, or perhaps his word choices are unique to Oswald Chambers--a life hidden in Christ, the indwelling Holy Spirit, being rightly related to God, abandonment to God. I found myself thinking more deeply about what I believed compared with what OC was saying, and mostly finding congruence once I understood his terminology. One of my favorite insights concerned faith--to believe is to commit, he said, so we must have faith in something to commit to. We have faith in Christ, not just have faith. Its the idea that faith implies action so we have to have faith in something that generates that action. In another reading, he talked also about the root of faith--we have faith in a person not in the reasons why, which strikes at the heart of why we believe even when we dont understand all the reasons for what we have been asked to do. I did enjoy my daily readings with OC--especially my email conversations with my sisters.
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Ch 02 - If Ye Shall Ask by Oswald Chambers

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Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in , the youngest son of a Baptist minister. Feeling a strong call to study for the ministry, he left the University of Edinburg and entered Dunoon College, near Glasgow, where he remained as a student and then a tutor for nine years. In he came to the United States with the famous Japanese evangelist Rev. Juji Nakada. Upon their arrival, Chambers was enthusiastically welcomed and invited to speak.

When God has brought us into the relationship of disciples, we have to venture on his word; trust entirely to him and watch that when he brings us to the venture, we take it. He was partially right; after 15 years of public ministry, Chambers died suddenly at age But he remains far from gone—his devotional My Utmost for His Highest sermons published posthumously, like nearly 50 other devotionals bearing his name remains one of the most popular devotional guides ever printed. In his twenties, he sought to portray the message of God's redemption in art, studying technique in London and Edinburgh. Gradually Chambers began to believe God wanted him not to pursue the arts for God's sake, but God for the sake of his will alone. As he later wrote, "It takes me a long while to realize that God has no respect for anything I bring him. All he wants from me is unconditional surrender.

The Bible Training College principal had a penchant for nicknames and when three pretty girls arrived in , he renamed them all. Born in India, Gladys came from a large family. Her father, Thomas Ingram, was a barrister. Gladys entered the BTC in the fall term to explore becoming a missionary. One of her brothers worked in India as a missionary. He was absolutely real, and there was no division in his life between the sacred and the secular. Chambers and his wife, and by seeing the simplicity of their lives and their unwavering devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, we learnt many lessons that we can never forget.

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I am determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone. Oswald Chambers was born in Scotland and spent much of his boyhood there. His ministry of teaching and preaching took him for a time to the United States and Japan. The last six years of his life were spent as principal of the Bible Training College in London, and as a chaplain to British Commonwealth troops in Egypt during World War l. After his death, the books which bear his name were compiled by his wife from her own verbatim shorthand notes of his talks. First book, Biblical Psychology , is published in Cincinnati, Ohio. Published in the US in

Born to devout parents in Aberdeen , Scotland , Chambers moved with his family in to Stoke-on-Trent when his father, Clarence Chambers, became Home Missions evangelist for the North Staffordshire Baptist Association, then to Perth, Scotland when his father returned to the pastorate, and finally to London in , when Clarence was appointed Traveling Secretary of the Baptist Total Abstinence Association. From to , Chambers studied at the National Art Training School, now the Royal College of Art and was offered a scholarship for further study, which he declined. George's Church. Duncan MacGregor. Chambers was soon teaching classes at the school and took over much of the administration when MacGregor was injured in

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