5 funny facts about shakespeare

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5 funny facts about shakespeare

101 Amazing Facts about William Shakespeare by Jack Goldstein

Did you know Shakespeare introduced thousands of words into the English language, amongst them alligator, eyeball and swagger? Do you know what unusual item he left to his wife in his will? Have you heard of the conspiracy theory that suggests Shakespeare didnt write the plays we attribute to him today? This fascinating book contains over one hundred facts about William Shakespeare, organised into categories for easy reading. Whether you are studying the bard for a project or you are interested in finding out more about the English speaking worlds greatest ever author, this is the book for you.
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10 Most Wonderous Facts about Shakespeare

10 William Shakespeare Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

This weekend marks the th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. So what do we know? Take a look at the most interesting facts about the life of William Shakespeare, below:. Shakespeare was 18 when he married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years his senior. The marriage of an elder woman would have been controversial at the time, especially considering she was pregnant. Their first child Susanna was born six months after they married. After the birth of Susanna, Hathaway gave birth to twins — Judith and Hamnet — in

William Shakespeare lived through one of the most turbulent yet thrilling eras of English history — a period of plague, riots and political and religious tensions — and went on to become one of history's most famous playwrights.
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Learn all about William Shakespeare, the world-famous playwright and poet…

Here are 10 strange facts to get you started:. The only thing Shakespeare left to his wife in his will was the second best bed in the house. He was then imprisoned in the Tower of London and executed. Calling Shakespeare an Elizabethan playwright is actually incorrect. Shakespeare seemed to be fond of one particular kind of death — suicide.

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  1. Here's a range of 50 little known interesting facts about Shakespeare that's a work in progress William Shakespeare Facts: 5. Shakespeare married his wife.

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