Popular books about mental illness

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popular books about mental illness

Popular Mental Illness Books

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Published 13.12.2018

Mental Illness in Books

9 Books That Capture What It's Like To Live With Mental Illness

But that's not the case for everyone, and there's still a lot of work to do. Below are some of my favorite books which offer a refreshing perspective on mental health conditions, breaking through the cultural, social, and political barriers that can keep people from speaking openly. A mix of fiction and non-fiction, these books show what it's like when your brain seems to be working against you. The descriptions of mania are gripping, all-consuming, and so intimate you feel like the pages have absorbed you completely. McDermott is extremely candid about how his disorder tests his relationships, in particular with his mother. Lots of mental health memoirs end on a happy ending but McDermott is honest in saying that his mania and psychosis might return, no matter how stable his life seems. Stephanie Wittels Wachs is the sister of Harris Wittels, the comedian, writer and producer who died of a heroin overdose in

Reading can be a tremendous source of solace as we navigate the ups and downs of life. Books that contain characters we relate to can provide a way to transcribe the messiness in our minds and understand other people's emotions. Mental illness can sometimes make it challenging to find the concentration required to read, but these nine books are worth the effort. As great books do, they teach us new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. They help you remember you're not alone; that others have gone through similar struggles and survived. The powerful story of a mathematical genius whose brilliant career was cut short by schizophrenia and who, after living with intense delusions for the better part of 30 years, was honoured with a Nobel Prize.

Mental health is crucial to our overall health. But with the rise in diagnoses of mental health challenges—in part because of a better understanding of how these illnesses can work—comes the crucial need to talk about mental health in a bigger way. According to the U. Department of Health and Human services , one out of every five teenagers has a mental health disorder. This number is staggering. But helping teens better understand their mental life, as well as better fostering the language to communicate about it, are YA books about mental illness. Over the last decade, the growth in YA books about mental illness is hard to overlook.

Over the last decade, the growth in YA books about mental illness is .. Willa Parker, th and least-popular resident of What Cheer, Iowa.
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What better way to immerse yourself in such important cultural conversations than with literature? Books have a singular ability to educate, entertain, and elicit empathy, making them the perfect medium through which to understand oft-misunderstood illness like depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. The following 10 mental health books all tackle heavy subjects with warmth and unbridled honesty. In , Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Finkel embedded himself with an American battalion fighting in Baghdad. His sort-of sequel, Thank You For Your Service , follows those soldiers home as they fight another kind of battle: readjusting to civilian life and learning to live with the trauma of battle. Cunningham won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for this gorgeously forlorn, variegated mediation on the vexing loneliness that descends on three different women at three different times: Virginia Woolf in s London, a housewife in s Los Angeles whose only solace is Mrs.

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