Bible verses about end of life decisions

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bible verses about end of life decisions

Just Do Something Quotes by Kevin DeYoung

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Healing Scriptures

He and I had discussed what the Bible taught about life-sustaining medical All of my father's decisions conform to the principles about end-of-life medical treatment in The Report argues from Scripture for four principles.

Christian View of End of Life Decisions

For example, when should life-sustaining treatment be withdrawn? Do Christians have an obligation to delay death as long as humanly possible? What should we do if we disagree with medical providers about continued treatment of a dying relative? Such questions are complicated, and the answers often depend on the individual context. But there are certain principles and considerations that can help guide our decisions about withdrawing life-sustaining medical intervention. A primary consideration when determining whether treatment should be withheld or withdrawn is whether the fatal condition is reversible or irreversible.

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It doesn't matter if we're a determined decision maker or an incredibly indecisive one, we can all end up coming to the wrong conclusion. And the more complex the choices we're faced with, the more confused we can become about what to do for the best. Before making a big decision we may call on friends for counsel, relatives for encouragement and and pray to God for guidance. But we don't have to wait until we're confronted with a tough choice before we take steps to start coming to a decision that we're confident compliments our faith, we can also work to prepare ourselves every day to face all kinds of choices with confidence by reading God's word. God knows that we will each be required to make choices which impact our faith and our relationship with Him for better or worse.

We can procrastinate as long as possible, but eventually the time will come when a decision has to be made. Decisions are tough because of the consequences that linger afterwards. What Bible verses can help in the days of tough decisions? We should always begin with asking God for wisdom. The wisdom that comes from the world brings a pseudo-temporary peace followed by more frustration.

Whether we like it or not, many of us will face paralyzingly difficult end of life decisions for loved ones. Often these decisions have no clear cut Biblical answer and the choice of whether to remove a feeding tube or breathing machine requires significant pastoral and medical consultation along with extensive prayer. James' Mirror — Christian Discipleship Guide. Skip to content. Index Who is Jesus? Who Is God?

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  1. There might not be a story or scripture that resembles your specific dilemma in decision maker or an incredibly indecisive one, we can all end up Here are six Bible verses which teach us vital lessons on decision-making.

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